Pink baby hippos

Hello Lovely People!

I know its fairly obvious that I LOVE PINK!  Less obvious, but still relatively obvious is that I LOVE HIPPOS!  Needless to say, they go hand in hand, as I will explain below.

A few years ago I had a full on, I’d say “heated conversation”, over “argument”, about the fact that baby hippos are pink.  I mean come on, look at them!  The proof is in the pudding!  They are fat little guys with the cutest little ears and they are pink as can be.

I know that hippos are supposedly one of the most dangerous animals on earth, so that is apparently supposed to make them less cute… But I think it may just enhance my love for them.  They are pink, cute AND fierce.  Win, win and more win.  Basically hippos are winners :)  And who doesn’t love a winner?!

But, I digress, the point of this post was to put a smile on your face and have you join the band wagon of baby hippo loving cuteness.

Please take a moment to look at these photos of fat, adorable, PINK hippos.

Enjoy :)

xo Céline

ps – there may be one photo thats not of pink hippos, but hippos swimming underwater is my second favorite thing about them after their pinkness

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Buy Bahamian!

Hello Everyone,

With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to share my favorite stores in the Bahamas with you (just don’t take all of the good stuff so I don’t get any;) )

I am a VERY proud Bahamian so needless to say, my favorite places to shop only sell items made locally (well there may be one small exception but I’ll point that out in a minute).

1) The Straw Market (Nassau) –  The Nassau Straw Market is the main one but most of the Islands of the Bahamas have their own version and I am a equal opportunity straw shopper.  To most Bahamians, the Straw Market is what Times Square is to New Yorkers…  By that I mean that locals tend to avoid these places like the plague.  But I challenge you to take the dive and plow head on in to the Straw Market (not Times Square)!  I have never met a straw bag, hat, or trinket that I didn’t like.  So this place is my mecca.  It is slightly over whelming to be bombarded the moment you happen to cast a passing glance at an item, with a chorus of “You like that sweetie?  Lets make a deal.”  I just smile and say “No thank you” and continue on my quest.  Now this is the one place that I mentioned may not sell ALL Bahamian.  There are the T-shirts and occasional bit of jewelry or a knock off designer bag, that are obviously made in China, but you must look past that and find the ladies making the good stuff.  The BAHAMIAN stuff.  The ladies who have been passing the art of straw weaving down from generation to generation of wonderful artists and because of this hold an important part of our culture.  You can have things customized with your name, or even completely custom designed.  All you have to do is ask, if they don’t know how to do it, or don’t have what you are looking for they will point you in the right direction to the person who can help you.  All in all the straw market is a magical and wonderful place with endless possibilities for present giving.  (tip: If the main Straw Market on Bay Street is too intimidating for you, try the smaller one on the Bahamar Strip)

straw market

2) Bahamas Art and Handicraft (Nassau)- This is one of my favorite kinds of stores.   The ones that you can walk in day after day and find new things every time you visit.  They are located on Shirley Street and have parking right in front of the door so no need to walk more than a couple of feet to enter this little gem of a store. Its an amazing collection of locally made art of all kinds.  From paintings, to place mats, to cheese boards, to ceramics, jellies and jams… you name it, they’ve got it, and its made right here in the Bahamas so it doesn’t get any better than that!  Opening the door is as though you are opening a treasure chest with amazing treasures spilling out all over the place.  It truly is an absolute gem and everyone needs to go there!


3) Island Made Gift Shop (Gregory Town Eleuthera) – Eleuthera is the true Bahamas.  For anyone who hasn’t been there, GO!  If you have 2 days (more if you are lucky), hop over to Eleuthera, rent a car and just drive.  You will see some of the most beautiful sights that the Bahamas has to offer (but that is a whole separate post so I won’t go on anymore).  So on one of my first Eleutheran adventures, (every trip to Eleuthera is an adventure) after driving slightly north of the Glass Window bridge, we came upon Gregory Town.  Little did I know that there was a glorious shopping mecca in this sleepy out island town.  Right in the middle of town, basically right in the middle of the road, so you can’t miss it, is Island Made Gift Shop.  Oh the joy you will feel when you step inside the doors.  I bought one of my favorite pieces of jewelry there, people stop me everywhere I go to comment on it.  A bracelet made of sea fans that have been dipped in resin!  Amazing!  Inside of this store you will find beautiful jewelry, straw work, christmas decorations, ceramics, clothing (oops, just realized that maybe some of the T-shirts may not be made in the Bahamas but thats ok cause all of the rest of the Bahamian made magic cancels out the T-shirt situation). But they do sell a T-shirt that I just LOVE which encapsulates Eleuthera perfectly.  It says “Eleuthera, its not for everyone”, I laugh every time.  Because Eleuthera holds a certain quality that I suppose not everyone would appreciate.  Its not fancy or manicured, its not easy to locate its world class sites.  Its raw and ethereal and, I know that I over use this word, but its MAGICAL!  I love it almost as much as I love glitter.  And I love glitter A LOT.  So there.  GO and without a doubt go to Island Made Gift Shop when you are there :)


xo Céline

ps.  Dont buy everything before I get there!




ALotmoreStyle Kaftans

INTRODUCING ALotmoreStyle Kaftans!

A few months ago I posted about my new found love for kaftans. Since then that love has evolved into an obsession, which in turn has prompted me make my own to supply this new addiction :)

So for the past few months I spend most of my spare time busy sewing in my own personal sweat shop!  My main problem is that I want to keep them all for myself… But that would be a fruitless venture… So instead I have imposed a rule upon myself, when I sell 3 I can keep 1.  3 for you 1 for me!

At the moment they are made to order so they can be customized by design, size, fabric, trim etc :)  If you’d like one (they are the most comfortable garment known to man), or have any questions you can email me at!

Until then, I shall continue sewing :)

xo Céline





Today I fell in love with Hedgehogs as a result of the following link entitled 40 Things We Learned at The Hedgehog Convention.

It really speaks for itself so please read it.

Also notable, if share in my new joy and fascination with these creatures, then you should follow The Regina Monologues on Facebook and darcytheflyinghedgehog on instagram.

Below are some of my fav pics from the 3 sites.

*important note, read the “about” portion on The Regina Monologues.  It is hysterical!  I can’t decide what Regina’s accent would be like aloud, but I have no doubt I would cry with laughter if I heard it.

xo Céline


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A big journey for a tiny rocking chair

Hello Boys and Girls,

Today my travel companion was a tiny rocking chair.

Staying true to my true love of tiny objects, I spotted this mini rocking chair while antique shopping in Savannah Georgia.  For those of you that have not gone to Savannah, GO!  It is a wonderful, magical place.  I was lucky enough to go to college there at Savannah College Of Art and Design.  But going back to visit after years of absence was a wonderful surprise.  Its gotten even better!  Aside from the beautiful architecture and rich history, the shopping and antiquing is glorious.

This little gem of a tiny rocking chair found its way in to my arms by way of a glorious place called Two Women and a Warehouse (aka heaven).

So I bought it without thinking “how will this fit into my carry on bag?”  I just knew it needed to come home with me :)  So I snagged it!  And then its journey all safely carried in the palm of my hand began…

– A 6 hour car ride = missed flight

– A night in an airport hotel

– Multiple airport shuttles

– 3 hours in Atlanta airport (including at least 11 or 12 strangers complimenting me on my tiny chair)

– Flight from Atlanta to Nassau Bahamas

– Now resting happily with other small chair friends at its new home

There was only one missed opportunity; taking a photo of my tiny chair going through the security scanner…  if only the line weren’t so long!  And only one dodgy moment when my chair was nearly crushed by my falling suitcase.  But all in all, quite a successful journey for my tiny rocking chair.

Im not sure what other people use these tiny creations for, or what they were created for… I believe that some people my use them to house their creepy dolls, but I use them as plant stands :)

xo Céline


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